April 18, 2017

Become a Cleaning Contractor

Start making money

Register as a contractor to:

  • Accept cleaning service orders from customers
  • Place bids on projects
  • Clean up on Profits

The best part is we’re putting Americans back to work. Since anyone can register we’re giving jobs to those who really need it. If they had worked for a regular cleaning service they might receive $10 or $11 an hour but here they receive double that, and our cleaners are given the opportunity to clean when it’s convenient for them.

But we’re not taking jobs away from the professional cleaners! Quite the contrary: many professional cleaning companies use us to fill the gaps. Why would a cleaning company accept a job from us instead of their usual high priced clean? Simple: their employees are hourly so they have to pay them regardless. What happens if their day is shortened? Will they send them home? Fire someone? Instead, the companies use us to provide them with a few extra jobs a week so they can keep paying their employees. Which means many of our customers have their homes cleaned by professional cleaning companies. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Requirements for Approval:

  1. Must be able to pass a criminal background check
  2. Must have General Liability Insurance
  3. Must have own cleaning supplies
  4. Must have dependable transportation
  5. Must have access to email. Jobs are emailed when available and are awarded to the first one to reply/accept.
  6. Must have a Paypal Account. (Payments are sent to your paypal account)


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